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Dilruba Esraj Course with Keith Beber

Unlock the world of mesmerizing string and percussion instruments with Keith Beber. Explore comprehensive courses, discover your musical passion, and start your unique learning journey today.

“Discover the magic of Dilruba, Esraj, and beyond. Master intricate techniques and rhythms with Keith Beber’s structured courses, and let your musical journey take flight.”

“Step into the realm of musical mastery with Keith Beber. Delve into the captivating sounds of the Dilruba and Esraj, refine your techniques and rhythms through structured learning, and elevate your musical journey to new echelons of artistry.”

What You’ll Learn

  • Traditional & World Instruments: Master the art of unique instruments from around the globe.
  • From Basics to Mastery: Comprehensive lessons that cover everything from beginner techniques to advanced compositions.
  • Community & Networking: Become a part of a like-minded, creative community to collaborate and grow.
  • Interactive Learning Experience: Engage in immersive, hands-on tutorials and live sessions that not only teach you how to play but also understand the rich history and cultural background of eac

“Embark on a melodious exploration with Keith Beber. Unveil the enchanting world of the Dilruba and Esraj, master their intricate techniques and rhythms, and let your musical journey soar to new heights.”

Why Learn with Keith Beber?

  • Keith Beber began his journey studying the Dilruba and Esraj 18 years ago and is still continuing his education to this day. He’s traveled back and forth to India, U.K. Canada, various states in the U.S. and Thailand to study Indian Classical Music. Through the years he has studied Dilruba with Professor Ranbir Singh (Dilruba), Ramesh Mishra (Sarangi), Arshad Khan (Esraj), Zohaib Hassan (Sarangi) Professor Surinder Singh (Saranda), Shahid Parvez Khan (Sitar) Jasdeep Singh (Dilruba), Dr. Rajan Sachdeva (Sitar)
  • Personalized Learning: His teaching approach is tailored to individual needs, ensuring a learning experience that is both effective and personal for students of all levels.
  • Cultural Connection: Lessons with Keith go beyond just playing techniques; they immerse you in the rich heritage and emotional depth of these traditional instruments.
  • Emotional Expression: Keith emphasizes not only the technical aspects of playing but also the expression and storytelling through music, allowing students to develop a truly resonant musical voice.

I Want my Guide Book: The Resonant Strings A Journey Through Dilruba & Esraj